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NAUI Scuba Diving Course

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Introduction to Technical Diving

This course (Intro to Tech) introduces recreational divers to the rigors and discipline of technical diving, and is a great preparatory course if you are considering specific technical diver training, such as cave or decompression diving, or are interested in streamlining your equipment configuration for maximum efficiency. Learn about dive planning, physics and physiology, decompression, decompression associated with technical diving, buoyancy control, and side-mount configuration. The NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC) training is also part of the NAUI Intro to Tech course.

Technical Decompression Diver

This course provides you with the theory, methods, and procedures of planned staged decompression diving while using optimal breathing gas mixtures. Participants will learn how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive to depths not exceeding 130 fsw (40 msw).

Helitrox Diver

The NAUI Helitrox Diver course provides the training and experience necessary to understand the hazards of utilizing helium-enriched EANx for dives to depths not exceeding 150 fsw (46 msw) that may require staged-decompression, utilizing EANx mixtures and/or oxygen during decompression. Graduates will be competent plan and execute extended range dives requiring staged-decompression utilizing Helitrox and oxygen.

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