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Terms & Conditions

Medical Declarations

1. All students participating in a National Association of Underwater Instructors. ( NAUI ) diver training programme are required to complete mandatory National Association of Underwater Instructors ( NAUI ) course documentation in an honest and reliable manner. Any known medical conditions must be declared and notified to Blue X Adventure Ltd, prior to the start of any water based dive course. Failure to declare medical conditions in accordance with the National Association of Underwater Instructors ( NAUI ) Medical Declaration form which then later becomes known will result in student suspension from the course until a satisfactory medical certificate has been gained.

Course Deposits and Fees

2. For National Association of Underwater Instructors ( NAUI ) Experience Programmes – Discover Scuba, Discover Snorkelling and Bubble Makers full payment is required on booking. On receipt of full payment and completed booking form, confirmation and full details will be sent to you.

3. All National Association of Underwater Instructors. ( NAUI ) Courses require a booking in advance and the final payment is due on the first day of your course. The receipt of part payment and booking form will release your course materials. Postage will be charged if you require course materials to be sent out. Collection from the centre is free.

4. For National Association of Underwater Instructors PRO courses (Divemaster & IDC) a crewpack is also required and this will need to be paid in advance. Normally these are for collection only but we can arrange these be couriered with rates agreed in advance. Collection from the centre is free.

5. Deposits and payments are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The exception to this are Discover Scuba Diving sessions which are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and Scuba Reviews which are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

6. Blue X Adventure Ltd, does not operate a refund policy. Monies remaining on a student account can be used as credit within Blue X Adventure Ltd for that student or another named party for recreational scuba courses. This may exclude the booking deposit if a course was not attended within the required notice period.

Cancellations, Rescheduling & No Shows

7. ‘No Shows’ are when you fail to turn up for a scheduled session without giving us any notice. Payments made for the session will not be refunded or credited to a future session.

8. Should you need to reschedule a course or experience with less than the required notice period then a rescheduling fee will be applied. Rescheduling a course or experience after the start time of that session is classed as a ‘No

Show’ (point 7)

9. If you are unable to attend a course, or part of a course and provide more than the required notice period for that course, we will endeavor to reschedule your course to another date that is suitable to you without any rescheduling fee. We do not provide any refunds and any part payments made for courses will remain in credit on said account for up to 1 year from booking date.

10. Failure to complete the full course requirements for any reason caused by the student, will result in additional charges being made to complete the course at a later stage. This includes not being able to demonstrate competence to meet the performance requirements as laid down by the National Association of Underwater Instructors course Standards. If you are not willing to pay the additional fees to complete your course, a referral document will be issued to you which will hold good for a period of 12 months from the date of last portion of the course completed. For PART A of the Open Water Diver Course this is charged at £20 per Confined Water session. There are 5 CW sessions in PART A and you only need to pay for for the sessions that were incomplete.

11. In the event that a situation arises and London School of Diving Limited are unable to deliver your course on pre-arranged dates, we will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and will re-schedule your course. Blue X Adventure Ltd requires a minimum of two students for a course to run unless the course is a private booking.

Personal & Credit Card Details

12. We are required to hold your personal details for a period of 6 years as required by National Association of Underwater Instructors. We will at all times treat your details with respect and will not share them with any other company. Credit card details are not held after full payment of your course has been made, and are shredded.

Course Deposits, Rescheduling & Admin Fees

13. If you cancel your course outside of 48 hours due to illness we may reduce your rescheduling fee but we will require a medical certificate from your GP within 7 days. Failure to provide us with a medical within 7 days of the original course date will result in the listed Rescheduling Fee for that course. Cancelling a course or experience AFTER the start time of that session is classed as a ‘No Show’ (point 7).

14. If you have any YES answers on the day of your course then you need to get a Doctor to sign the form to say you are fit to dive. If this has not been done you will not be able to dive and will be charged the full rescheduling fee as listed below.

Course Equipment

15. For all recreational courses we provide all equipment apart from wetsuit boots in summer (when using wetsuits) or wet suit gloves in winter (when using drysuits). If we have fitting issues then we will do everything we can to hire equipment from outside sources subject to availability. For Pro courses (Divemaster and IDC’s) we strongly recommend you invest in your own equipment prior to the course, although we will supply all equipment required (apart from gloves and boots as per above). However equipment will be prioritized to students on recreational courses first and then pro courses. Please note that Blue X Adventure Ltd, will not cover the costs for any hiring of equipment for students on pro courses due to fitting issues or insufficient stock levels.

16. During the colder months we will endeavor to put all students into dry suits subject to sizing, best fit and availability. For all courses where a dry suit is mandatory (Dry suit, Deep and AOW) if we do not have sufficient stock levels we will cover the hiring cost for a suit at the location of the lake. For courses where a dry suit is not compulsory, students may be kitted in a wetsuit unless an appropriate fitting dry suit is available.


17. Blue X Adventure Ltd, does not provide transport to the Open Water dive sites. We will make every effort to try and get you a car share with another student but if this is not possible you will be expected to make your way to the site by your own means.


Notice Period

Rescheduling Fee

Discover Scuba Diving

2 Days


Scuba Review

2 Days


Emergency First Response

2 Days


Emergency O2

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2 Days


Open Water Referral

2 Days


Open Water Completion

10 Days


Advanced Open Water

10 Days



10 Days


Dry Suit

10 Days



10 Days



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